Liesbeth Reeser

Friday, 22 April 2016
Sluiers by Liesbeth Reeser

Salon Play

One idea at a time is a collection of personal stories and portraits of inspiring individuals whose ideas make a difference. Ideas worth traveling the world. We invite you to take part in this journey and join the conversation during a private play with people we think should meet. Because you can change the world.


We invite you to meet Liesbeth Reeser. For a year she dived into a different culture. One where veils are a big part of the life of woman. She met new people, visited different places and tried to make a play with 10 Somalian women.


Liesbeth is a well know director and actress. She works with ‘difficult talents’ and makes them meet themselves. She addresses actual subjects, unspoken dilemma’s and big questions.


She prefers small audiences. It will bring us closer to the world. Cause we are not just viewers…we can change the world.