About us

One Idea at a Time is not a business. It is not a project. It is a movement.

We started with two people in the Netherlands and photographers and inspirators in South Africa, Italy and Belgium now join us. It is non-profit but accelerates on passion. Feel free to contact us and start to make a difference.


One Idea at a Time is a network for CEO’s, designers, scientist, sportsmen, etcetera in the Eindhoven region with the primary goal to share knowledge, and create individual growth. We have no membership, but we invite you to the table when we think it is interesting for you.


Sabine Swinkels

Entrepreneur, photographer

“Tomorrow is today!”

Judith Warringa


“You can win if you play point by point”

The Netherlands

Kris Michels

Chef de Cuisine

Jan van Buul

Art Direction

South Africa

Daron Chatz

Photographer, South Africa

Kasthuri Naidoo

Event Organizer, South Africa


One Idea at a Time works with enthusiastic curators. They organize some of our events. Since they come from different branches it gives every event a new insight and creates new bridges to participators. Our ambition is to connect people through new ideas, co-creation, participation, art, science and design. The curators and speakers to think of new ideas to change the world actively involve the invitees.

Madeleen Dijkman

Textile Designer

Sanne Muiser


Rian Dings

Innovator, Changer, Connector & Facility Manager

Jochem Goedhals

Functional Educational Designer

Arthur van der Laaken

Designer Space


Peter Barratt jones


Sjaak Deckers


Unconditional Support

Sander Steenbakkers

Webdesigner Rethinking Group

Marita van Herpen

Stella Support