World Design Event, part of Dutch Design Week

21-29 October 2017
By Switch, Gemeente Eindhoven, Museumplein, Limburg, Glow, Rethinking Group

Switch. Light, Transforming Life

A coöperation with Gemeente Eindhoven. An exciting serie of ideas from light and design in a broad sense. Without light no life. It’s a widespread fact that Eindhoven has a special connection with light. They want to keep it that way. Switch is the link between past, present and future of this city. Between light and life. Between what was and will come. It is the link between people. As part of the Dutch Design Week Switch created a LabSquare where inhabitants of the city, designers, students, performers, businesses, makers, thinkers and kids could meet, learn and design.


Switch is a platform for direct innovation, with light as connecting theme. Everyone who wants to build on light can meet here. Exploring and discovering how we improve our quality of life together, based on Eindhoven’s power: technology, design and knowledge. On our way to a more cohesive society, to a strong and resilient city.